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Moreos 7


Moreos 7


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A modern residential complex of minimal aesthetics in Glifada.

In a quiet neighborhood of the southern suburbs, Glifada, we have created a residential building that stands out with its dynamism and minimal aesthetics. MOREA RESIDENCE is an impressive building with incomparable aesthetics, that promises to catch the attention with its distinctive architectural approach.  

In an excellent location equipped with a corner plot, the architectural approach focuses on the owners privacy, the permeability of the apartments and the integration of the green and water element.

The architecture of the building is characterised by geometric simplicity which is combined in a unique way with a futuristic, almost sculptural movement on the side of the building, that looks like it rotates, lifts and finally interacts with the surroundings.

Our main goal is the smooth integration of the building to the residential environment. That is why we created a building without obstructions and green being a major element in the research, which improves our energy footprint and at the same time the microclimate of the area.

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The palette that forms the exterior of the building is consisted of a white shell and its compact parapet has a strong inclination. As it alternates with the element of the glass, it gives a dynamic form to the entire building volume. «The main volume of the building has a light grey colour, while the central staircase is black, creating two separate volumes that coexist. Decorative frames are placed as a continuation of the white terraces, which embrace the staircase and the building, creating the sense of unity and balance in a complex of volumes and colour tones. The contrast between the white and black colour of the elements gives a dynamic character in the composition. Furthermore, the existence of large openings enhances the natural lighting of the spaces, while in combination with the use of glass on the terraces, helps with the communication with the outside area.

A particular challenge was the creation of a building of high standards, with the highest energy efficiency A +, which consistently serves the needs of its owners, with bright apartments that take full advantage of the orientations and large openings, strategically placed based on the aesthetics and functionality of individual spaces but also the whole.

The apartments are distinguished by ergonomics and functionality in all areas. The kitchens and bathrooms are individually designed for each owner and the choice of materials is based on his needs and preferences, with the constant support of our decorators.

The maximum energy classification of building A + is achieved by installing photovoltaic systems, energy frames, 10cm thermal facades and heating and cooling heat pumps.

Property advantages

High-end frameless aluminum frames
Floor heating with cooling – heating pump
Photovoltaics with Net metering system
Modern Building of minimal aesthetics
Indoor and outdoor hidden lighting
A+ energy building


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