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66 m² – 119 m²

New Builds for Sale in Panagiotara St. Gizi

Modern residential property of minimal aesthetics in Gizi, near the square.

This is an impressive property in the centre of Athens, in the Gizi area. Morphologically, the integration of the property in the already existing urban fabric was attempted and was succeeded. Its west orientation, the permeability of the apartments and the minimal aesthetics compose those special features that defined the architectural design.

The idea of the architectural composition of the property had as a starting point a rectangular property volume that is occupied by the continuous movement between them and the penetration of volumes and surfaces. Both the horizontal and vertical linear elements of the shell, form a shiny object highlighting the minimal architectural language chosen for the design.

A second “skin” is wrapped outside the main volume, which consists of a composition of terraces and architectural protrusions. The dialogue that develops between them, the combination of the dark frames with the light-coloured terraces and the large openings with the functional privacy create the perfect movement and balance on the front side of the property.


Having a clear philosophy for the architecture and design principles of the property, the study manages to stand out, focusing its interest on functionality as well as on the sense of comfort of the spaces.

A particular challenge was the creation of a property of high standards, with the highest energy efficiency A +, which consistently serves the needs of its owners, with bright apartments that take full advantage of the orientations and large openings, strategically placed, based on aesthetics and functionality of the individual spaces.

The apartments are distinguished by ergonomics and functionality in all areas. The kitchens and bathrooms are individually designed for each owner and the choice of materials is based on the owner’s needs and preferences, with the constant support of our interior designers.

The maximum A + energy rating of the property is achieved with the installation of photovoltaic systems, energy windows, thermal facade 10cm and heating and cooling heat pumps.




    Highly energy-efficient sustainable aluminum systems
    Large openings to maximise the view
    New technology LED lighting
    Contemporary property of minimal aesthetics
    Fully installed alarm system
    Contemporary kitchen – bathroom design
    Armored/ Fire resistant door
    Autonomous cooling – Heating pump
    Smart home
    Automatic lighting system 
    Property with A+ energy rating
    Central Antenna


    Gizi is a central district of Athens, very close to “Pedion tou Areos” which is a benchmark of the centre of Athens. It has easy access to Ampelokipoi Metro Station and the Supreme Civil and Criminal Court (Areios Pagos). A walk to its alleys will immediately give you the feeling of neighborhood.

    Indicative locations and their distance from the property:

    Your home (Panagiotara 60)
    Super Market (240m)
    Pet Shop (300m)
    Health Center of Athens (650m)
    Super Market (600m)
    Cinema (700m)

    Super Market (450m)
    105th Primary School of Athens (750m)
    24th Junior High school of Athens (900m)
    Elpis General Hospital (900m)
    Super Market (750m)
    Super Market (500m)