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Afroditis 58


Afroditis 58


A modern residential building of minimal aesthetics with swimming pools, in Varkiza.

An extremely impressive residential building that surpasses any other construction standard and transforms housing into an experience characterized by discreet luxury.

SEASIDE RESIDENCE is in a quiet neighborhood of the Southern Suburbs, in Varkiza. Its strong element is the endless horizon, the blue color of the sky and the sea and its combination with the green landscape.

The desire for a building that “embraces” the outdoors and ensures privacy, was the direction of architectural design.

The H-shaped floor plan creates a dynamic sequence in the structure, maximizing permeability while making the most of the south orientation of the private spaces and the north orientation for the living spaces.

Εκδήλωση ενδιαφέροντος

The living rooms overlook the sea and the water element on the balconies. What was required was the direct contact with the environment both visually and functionally. To achieve that, large openings with high-end minimal frames were used.

The morphology of the building, on the one hand, fits perfectly with the exterior of the green, on the other hand, it consistently serves the requirements of the modern minimal aesthetics.

The two main volumes are formed around the core of the staircase in a composition of spaces, with simple horizontal and vertical engravings in white and dark tones respectively and alternating them with the liquid and the green element.

A particular challenge was the creation of a building of high standards with the highest energy efficiency A +, which consistently serves the needs of its owners, with bright apartments that take full advantage of the orientations and large openings, strategically placed, guided by the aesthetics and functionality of individual spaces but also the whole.

The apartments are distinguished by ergonomics and functionality in all areas. The kitchens and bathrooms are individually designed for each owner and the choice of materials is based on his needs and preferences, with the constant support of our decorators.

The maximum energy classification of building A + is achieved by installing photovoltaic systems with the main advantage of energy frames, 10cm thermal façade as well as heating and cooling heat pumps.

Property advantages

Autonomous cooling-heating pump
High-End-Frameless Aluminum Frames
Photovoltaic production system
Smart home
Modern building of minimal aesthetics
Indoor and outdoor hidden lighting
Energy building A +
10cm thermal façade throughout the outer shell of the building


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