PULSE RESIDENCE in Chalandri | GREEN Properties
101 m² – 133 m²
EST. COMPLETION DATE                              SPRING ’24


A modern residential property of minimal aesthetics, in Chalandri.

It is an imposing residential property, which is in one of the most attractive and sought-after areas of North Attica, in Chalandri.

With the excellent orientation and the rich natural environment, we created a property with design details that highlight its discreet luxury.

The idea came as a synthesis of two identical property volumes mirrored around a very dynamic core: the central staircase. This core, as an original morphological element of the front, seems to separate and unite the two volumes while the element of water takes off the rhythmic sequence of the work.

Giving great emphasis to the location, the property is in the centre of the plot, incorporating the green element in the study. The surrounding green space, the planting on the terraces, as well as the planted roof, are key elements of the composition. 


The features that shape the exterior of the property are the white linear horizontal elements, the black metal blinds, known as pergolas, the vertical dynamic elements of metallic texture with engravings and the built-in hidden LED lighting.

Moreover, the use of dark prismatic marble on the main staircase and windows while the shell itself is kept in soft coloured tones and the addition of various decorative elements, come together to create an emblematic model of minimal aesthetics.

In the interior of the property, the spaces are developed with a continuous functional flow, while the openings are made in order to ensure that light is entering the property and visual contact with the outside space is achieved, and at the same time without losing any of the privacy.

A particular challenge was the creation of a property of high standards, with the highest energy efficiency A +, which consistently serves the needs of its owners, with bright apartments that take full advantage of the orientations and large openings, strategically placed based on aesthetics and functionality. of the individual spaces but also of the whole.

The apartments are distinguished by ergonomics and functionality in all areas. The kitchens and bathrooms are individually designed for each owner and the choice of materials is based on the owner’s needs and preferences, with the constant support of our interior designers.

The maximum A + energy rating of the property is achieved by installing photovoltaic systems, thermal facade 10cm and heating and cooling heat pumps.




    Armored/ Fire resistant door
    High – End frameless aluminum systems
    New technology LED lighting
    Smart home
    Indoor and outdoor hidden lighting
    Property with A+ energy rating
    Contemporary kitchen – bathroom design
    Floor heating with cooling-heating pump
    Solar Water Heater
    Photovoltaic systems with net metering services
    Contemporary property of minimal aesthetics
    Fully installed alarm system
    10cm thermal facade throughout the outer shell of the property


    One of the most desired areas of Attica is Chalandri. It combines the easy access to the centre of Athens via public transportation and central highways, with the large market, the pedestrian zones, and the rich nightlife. Rematia is located in Chalandri and is used as a relaxation spot from people that love nature, as the green element is a main feature of the area.

    Indicative locations and their distance from the property:

    Your home (Mikras Asias 35)
    Dourou Square (700m)
    Supermarket (400m)
    3th Primary School (230m)
    Callisthenic Park in Chalandri (300m)

    Rizarios Ecclesiastical School of Athens (600m)
    Pharmacy (400m)
    Super Market (600m)
    Gym (500m)
    Bank (650m)
    Hygeia Hospital (700m)
    Rematia Park (900m)


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