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90 m² – 112 m²

New Builds for Sale in Arkadias St. Gerakas

A property that meets the need for an innovative design and architectural approach, combining the optimal utilisation and use of local climate resources as well as the high quality interior environment with spacious and functional apartments. This project promotes an architectural approach that focuses in the relationship between the property, the user and the natural environment. There are apartments (facing front) on A ‘, B’, C ‘ and D’ floors. Apartments with internal loft type terraces on the 5th and 6th floor with double height in the living-dining area and large openings.

Wide terraces, unobstructed view, curved forms on the facades, guard-rails and canopies that offer an exotic atmosphere. Every apartment has a parking space and a storage room. The kitchens and bathrooms are specially designed for each owner in collaboration with experienced interior designers. It is a property of high energy efficiency and more specifically a property organization that can ensure internal comfort conditions by minimising the use of non-renewable energy resources. The achievement of thermal, acoustic and visual comfort is not ensured exclusively through mechanical equipment and automation, but is, instead, a combination of a series of typological, construction and technological solutions. Materials such as thermal facade 10 cm around the property, photovoltaics on roofs, energy frames, heat pumps, classify the property in energy rating A+ based on KENAK study.



    Highly energy-efficient sustainable aluminum systems
    Innovative safety design, top quality guarantee, certified in Germany
    Multi-division type VRF energy class A +++ cooling-heating system
    Vacuum Solar water heaters
    New LED lighting technology
    Photovoltaic systems with net metering services
    Smart home: Energy saving and remote control over the house
    Contemporary property of minimal aesthetics
    Automatic lighting system
    Fully installed alarm system
    Property with A+ energy rating
    10cm thermal facade throughout the outer shell of the property
    Ergonomic contemporary kitchen of your choice
    Sanitary ware with high quality materials
    Central Antenna
    Underground and ground-floor Parking
    Fully equipped garden area
    Storage room for every apartment


    Gerakas is a neighborhood very close to the centre of Athens, quiet, with low traffic and with plenty of greenery. You will find everything you need in the main square of Gerakas, which is a meeting spot for the locals and a jewel for the city.

    Indicative locations and their distance from the property:

    Your home (Arkadias 7)
    Argiri Laimou school (260m)
    Citizens service centre of Geraka (120m)
    Geraka Square (80m)
    Bio street market (750m)
    Playing field & Playground (500m)
    Platon schools (880m)
    Pallini Metro station (1.130m)
    ΑCE Tennis Club (1.050m)

    Bus stop (190m)
    Pallini Town Hall (590m)
    2nd elementary school  Glikon Neron (850m)
    Supermarket (490m)
    Gym (390m)
    Athens Suburban Railway Station (1.200m)
    1st elementary school of Geraka (190m)
    National Bank of Greece (350m)
    Playground (240m)


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