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108 m²

FESTOS RESIDENCE in Heraklion Crete

A modern residential property complex of minimal aesthetics, with swimming pools in Heraklion, Crete in the area of Mesampelies (Festou str).

In Crete, with a quiet and rapidly growing area, in Mesampelies, we created a residential complex that stands out with its highly aesthetic minimal architectural approach, and which reveals the intention to produce a property beyond all expectations.

The aim of the architectural design was the simplicity in the volume of the property. Following the modern trends of architecture and minimal aesthetics, combined with a sense of discreet luxury, this property was led to a solid and impressive, visually, result with simple and clear lines

The central idea of the composition was the creation of a property volume that is located around a basic reference axis. This element functionally placed the staircase as the core of the connection, while at the same time it created a balance in the alternation of the levels of the facades.

The challenge for the composition process was the coexistence of the main areas of the houses in a row, without interrupting their visual escapes, enhancing privacy and permeability.


Great emphasis was placed on the creation of a shell that communicates directly with the surrounding area, the green gardens, for exclusive use, the planted roof but also with the private pools that dominate the architectural study.

What was required in all areas of the ground floor was direct contact with the environment, both visually and functionally. The special property-landscape relationship is complemented by the interior views and escapes, while the white color, the large openings and the water were used in such a way as to highlight the architectural conception with an impressive result.

The pallet that forms the exterior of the property is white parapets and awnings that enclose the balconies with alternating rhythm, double shell awnings with the white surface on the lower side to assist the indirect lighting of the ground floor and dark upper side to avoid reflections to the floor areas, while the shell itself is preserved in earthy color tones.

All these elements follow a symmetry that characterizes the composition as a whole and gives visual harmony.

The lighting study also played a decisive role in the result of the design, which in this project was an integral part of the architectural composition from its early stages, incorporating in many parts of the study the concept of artificial led lighting with uniformity and capacity.

A particular challenge was the creation of a property of high standards, with the highest energy efficiency A+, which consistently serves the needs of its owners, with bright apartments that take full advantage of the orientations and large openings, strategically placed based on aesthetics and functionality of the individual spaces.

The apartments are distinguished by ergonomics and functionality in all areas. The kitchens and bathrooms are individually designed for each owner and the choice of materials is based on his needs and preferences, with the constant support of our decorators.

The maximum A + energy rating of the property is achieved by installing photovoltaic systems, energy frames, 10cm thermal facade and heating and cooling heat pumps.




    Smart home
    Highly energy-efficient sustainable aluminum systems
    Large glass terraces
    Solar Water Heater
    Photovoltaic systems with net metering services
    Fully installed alarm system
    Contemporary kitchen – bathroom design
    Large openings, to maximize the view
    Armored/ Fire resistant door
    New technology LED lighting
    Property with A+ energy rating
    Central Antenna


    The property is located in Heraklion, with easy access to very central places.

    Indicative locations and their distance from the property:

    Your home (Festou 39)
    Supermarket (600m)
    Pharmacy (300m)
    37th Primary school of Heraklion (600m)
    Bank (1,3km)
    Gym (400m)

    Tax office of Heraklion (1,4km)
    Pharmacy (190m)
    Square Fortezza Heraklion (1,5km)
    8th General High school of Heraklion (1,5km)
    Bank (1,1km)
    Supermarket (500m)