RODON RESIDENCE in Heraklion Crete Attica | GREEN Properties
63 m² – 136 m²

RODON Residence in Heraklion Crete

Property complex of minimal aesthetics in Heraklion city centre.

In one of the most desirable areas in the centre of Heraklion, very close to the port and with a view towards the sea and the Venetian Walls, we created a residential complex that comes to make a difference.

In a privileged plot, equipped with permeability, excellent orientation and the strategic positioning of the property, which is based on the exploitation of the view towards the sea, this project stands out due to its minimal aesthetics and dynamic design.

The central idea of the composition was the design of two buildings, in order to ensure that the best lighting and ventilation are achieved. The creation of a space between the two buildings, gave the opportunity to utilise the orientation. The two volumes are lifted and contrasted using a consistent architectural vocabulary, creating a continuous empty and full dialogue between them.


The palette that shapes the sides of the property is consisted of white frames, dark-coloured terraces and large openings, elements that achieve a combination of balance and architectural harmony. A particular feature of the composition is the option of choosing a residence, which expands either in one or two levels (maisonette). The residences are arranged in a way that the spaces used during the day have a view of the city or the sea, while the most private spaces of the buildings are defused in terraces in the uncovered areas of the plot.

The apartments are distinguished by ergonomics and functionality in all areas. The kitchens and bathrooms are designed individually for each owner and the choice of materials is based on each owner’s needs
and preferences, with the constant support of our interior designers.

The maximum A + energy rating of the property is achieved by installing photovoltaic systems, energy frames, 10cm thermal facade and heating and cooling heat pumps.




    Sea view
    Large glass terraces
    Armored door in every apartment
    Autonomous cooling-heating pump
    New technology LED lighting
    Photovoltaic systems with net metering services
    Thermal insulation to minimise energy loss
    Smart home: Energy saving and remote control of the house
    Solar Water Heater
    Automatic lighting system
    Fully installed alarm system & fire safety
    Property with A+ energy rating
    Car lift to access the underground parking


    The property is located in Heraklion, with easy access to very central places.

    Indicative locations and their distance from the property:

    Your home (Rodon 6)
    Supermarket (60m)
    24th & 31st elementary school (75m)
    Gym (100m)
    Pharmacy (110m)
    Bakery (130m)

    Park (Georgiadis) (270m)
    ΑΤΜ (270m)
    Elta Hellenic Post (285m)
    Square (Eleftherias) (550m)
    Cinema – Theatre (670m)
    City planning (750m)